Five minute fish cakes!

…Kind of..I’m playing Jamie Oliver’s game with that title…these take 5 mins when you’ve got all the prepped ingredients. 20-25 minute fishcakes didn’t quite have the same ring to it?!

BUT they are freezable, fridgeable and easy to make ahead so don’t give up hope just yet.

Throw everything below into a bowl, mix it up, shape it and fry it. DONE. (God that’s Gordon Ramsey AND JOliver in one post! Note to self: Leave kitchen and go outdoors).


I’ve used salmon here, but any robust fish will work. More delicate, or flat fish are not good in cakes, as their delicate flavour and texture will be suffocated by the potatoes. Adjust seasoning accordingly. ie. if using tuna, supplement parsley & dill for coriander and chilli.


At this stage, heat 1cm deep sunflower/flavourless oil in a hot frying pan. Drop a bit of bread in it and when it fries instantly, the oil is hot enough. Turn the hob WAY down. Carefully lower fishcakes into pan, in batches and fry for 1 min each side, or until floured bits go crispy! Drain over kitchen paper with a fish slice before plating up.





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