super quick – beetroot & mint dip!

Seasonal stars title 2


This dip is amazing – earthy, fresh and tangy. Perfect with bruschetta, spread on crusty bread, pitta, with tortilla chips or veg sticks; it goes with everything AND it’s bright pink! Ok, so I’ve used vac-pack beets for ease and speed, but beetroot is in season and you can’t beat the velvety texture of the fresh stuff, so if you’re not as lazy as me then get some. This is vegetarian and easily adapted for vegans too. Just replace the feta with almond feta and  instead of creme fraiche, use vegan cream cheese cut with a little lemon juice.


Blend the beetroot and cumin together to get a course paste

step 1

step 2

step 3

Decorate with a few small mint leaves and serve with..pretty much anything!DSCF4051[2]



3 thoughts on “super quick – beetroot & mint dip!

  1. Looks nice and quick and c o l o u r f u l 🙂 I would use the vac pack ready cooked beets…they are fine & I am lazy

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