Working Lunch: Hot Smoked Salmon Salad

salmon salad title

This is a Working Lunch post which means it has to tick 2 boxes: a) super quick (because who can be bothered to cook again after dinner) and b) reasonably high in nutritional value. So, I bring to you Hot Smoked Salmon Salad, of which said salmon comes straight out of an air pressed packet. Hell, you can even buy it ready flaked if it’s just been one of those days. Maximum effort required is boiling eggs, which you can do while simultaneously brewing a cuppa with your other hand. Simples!

Nutritionally, this has more protein in it than Donkey Kong in the free weights section at the gym. One of my fave’s after a work out, because it’s a salad (no post-treadmill guilt) and the extreme amount of protein from the salmon & eggs helps repair and build muscle. So drop the Maxitone shakes & whip this beauty up instead! Then treat yourself to a big glass of Nesquik & tell yourself you need the E numbers for energy.

+ 1 pack hot smoked salmon

+ 1/2 cucumber

+ 3-4 spring onions

+ 1-2 baby gem lettuce hearts

+ 2 large eggs, hard boiled

For the dressing:

+ 2 tsp grated hot horseradish

+ 1 tbsp creme fraiche

+ splash of milk


For the salad:

Basically just chop all the green stuff up, however big or small you like it. While you chop, think of all the calories you are burning just by looking at vegetables.

Hard boil the eggs (about 5 mins in boiling water –> run under cold tap –>break shells with back of spoon & peel off) and slice into salad. Break up the salmon fillets & toss it all up together.

For the dressing:

I promise horseradish & fish works. Especially smoked fish. It’s like wasabi but…better! Just quickly mix up with the creme fraiche and if it’s too thick in consistency, add a splash of milk. Put it on the salad. Eat it. Ideally, in front of Die Hard/Terminator/Mr Motivator workout re-runs.



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