Sunday Drop Scones


Drop scones/Scotch pancakes/American pancakes whatever – they’re so delish you could call them anything you like. I make these nearly every weekend as a treat for getting through the week!

The recipe is a Mary Berry classic, so true to form, it never fails.

  • 300g self – raising flour
  • 1.5 tsp baking powder
  • 60g caster sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 200ml milk
  • a little vegetable oil
  • 20g butter
  • 25g golden syrup

To make the pancakes, sieve the dry ingredients into a bowl, making a well in the middle. Add the egg into the well and a little of the milk. Beat well, continually adding the milk a little at a time, until the mixture has the consistency of thick batter, adding a touch more flour or milk if its needed.

To cook, heat a large frying pan over a medium heat with a dash of vegetable oil. Use an American cup measure or ladle to add the batter into the pan. I usually do about 4 circles of batter at a time, but it depends on the size of your frying pan. Once bubbles appear on the top of the pancakes, flip them over. Touch the top and when firm and springy remove from the pan.

Melt the butter and golden syrup for 20 seconds in the microwave, pour over your pancake stack and devour!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Drop Scones

  1. Hi! Me too, you gotta have the syrup! They’re good with chocolate chips in too, just scatter them on before you flip the pancakes! I don’t know where the drop scones name comes from, think it’s an English thing!

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