What the super rich eat at Christmas (probably)

christmas crazies

What do you buy someone who has everything? An entire Iberico ham of course!

I love browsing the food & drink sections of London’s best department stores at this time of year and imagining all the delicious, yet seemingly pointless fayre I’d buy if the pot of gold was everflowing. These “gifts” as Harrods et al. like to brand them are absolutely ridiculous! I can’t contemplate how anyone could justify the price tags of the above (except maybe the gummy bear…?!) but it is fun to wonder. I mean, there must be a market for them, right?!

I do often wonder when I’m dressing a salad why I didn’t buy olive oil with 24 carat gold flakes in it, just a fraction more than ol’ Filippo Berio at £750. I could easily wash that down with a single malt or two, a snip at £987,500. THAT’S RIGHT, literally million pound whiskey…and I thought Jack Daniels Honey was pushing the boat out…

From left to right: 8kg Iberico ham on the bone, £975 Fortnum & Mason; World’s Largest 5lb Gummy Bear, $40 It’s Sugar at Selfridges; The Dalmore Peterson Whiskey Collection,  £987,500 Harrods; Golden Olive Oil, £750, Harrods.


2 thoughts on “What the super rich eat at Christmas (probably)

    • I’d send your maid, she’ll be more efficient and you won’t have to rub shoulders with all the poor common people that way 😉

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