A happy and healthy 2014


Happy New Year gorgeous followers!

I haven’t posted in an absolute age, mostly because I feel a bit detached from Home Slice following my new year health drive.

I really like making new year resolutions and find them much easier to stick to than the half-baked thoughts I have about changing something during the rest of the year. Last year, I vowed to exercise more. I didn’t actually start until May (ahem) but I figure that’s most of the year, right..?! I’ve kept it up and am now a fully fledged gym and yoga devotee.

So back to 2014. It’s taken me since May to accept and embrace the fact that exercise only does so much for you without a clean diet. It’s not about losing weight, it’s about lifestyle. I want to be strong and healthy and feel like my best self, every day. Since my late teens, I’ve struggled with a variety of health problems (hypothyroidism, stomach ulcers, endometriosis to name a few…) and I want to know categorically, that I am looking after myself the best I can.

So this year, I resolved to clean up my diet, cut my sugar intake way down (it’s almost triple what it should be…) and try to eat wholefoods which look as much like the source they come from as possible. The philosophy of clean eating is just this; no refined carbs or sugar, no junk; just whole foods in their natural form. I’m going for an 80:20 approach, as I still absolutely love food and cooking and you’ve gotta treat yourself sometimes!

I’ve put clean recipes up on Home Slice before, but generally there’s a lot of baking, a lot of sugar and a lot of refined carbs, which doesn’t reaaaally sit right with my new habit. I was going to quit, or start a new blog, but I’ve worked hard on Home Slice so I’m just gonna change it up a little! More clean recipes, (but also the odd treat one!) and a few fitness/mindfulness posts too. The latter are both really important to me and a lot of my friends have questions about them, so I think it would be nice to add them to Home Slice.

I’m not sure if I need to change the name to reflect all of this…What do you guys think? Any comments are, as always, really helpful and gratefully received


2 thoughts on “A happy and healthy 2014

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