Kicks & Kit!


My essential gym kit!

Clockwise, L-R

Nike sports bra – I love a bright sports bra, totally cheers up your workout and this one is reversible pink & orange to match my trainers…unintentionally of course…

Rubber resistance band – these are great for leg lifts and hip abductor exercises, you can also use them for various rows and shoulder mobility. My workout teacher gave me this one, but check out Amazon for similar.

Adidas neon leopard print leggings – I’m obsessed with patterned leggings and running tights, these are my current faves. They’re not specifically for the gym though, for performance and flattering comfort (and leg days when I know I’m gonna sweat hard) you cant beat Nike Legends.

Triangl Bikini – This Australian brand are right on the money with their hipster-hit bikini’s. On every InstaG fitspo blog at the moment, they’re worth every penny of the $90 price tag. It’s so hard to find a great bikini that lasts longer than a few decent swimming sessions and as they’re made from neoprene (wetsuit material), they’re up to the task with a great minimalist, sporty look.

Nike Total Core trainers – No they’re not Nike Free Runs! Or Roches! I love my Total Core’s, they’re sleek enough for classes and cardio, but supportive enough for free weights. A seriously underrated trainer.

Nike performance vest – Because British girls prefer more than a sports bra…flattering, breathable, sucks up sweat before you even know it’s there, it’s worth paying a bit more for a decent vest.

Adidas Stella McCartney hoodie – If I could afford it, I’d buy everything gym related from Stella. The clothes are really high performance, insaaaanely flattering and in amazing colours. This hoodie was a Net-A-Porter sale bargain and has seen me through many winter runs. It’s seriously warm, yet incredibly light and the tight fabric is very form fitting, but doesn’t gather or cling. Worth It.

PhD Diet Whey Protein Powder – 2 scoops of this with some water after a workout really supercharge you back to full energy and help reconstruct muscle fibre to ensure all those weights give you some visible results! Protein does not bulk you up unless you’re shooting testosterone and steroids in crazy quantities, or are just a man. This tastes pretty good as far as whey goes and isn’t calorific and full of sugar and chemicals like most brands. Keep an eye out for my ‘demystifying supplements’ post later this week!

Sports Direct skipping rope – This cost about £1.99 at the till and is a total winner! Can really cheer up a HIIT routine and is a full-body cardio workout. Boxers often skip for coordination and concentration, not to mention it’s waaay more fun than the treadmill!


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