Review: LDN Muscle Bikini Guide V2


I came across LDNMuscle on Twitter, where their ever-expanding community got my attention through their impressive progress shots. I was already weight “training” but without following a real program and seriously lacking in my quest for more muscle tone. After trying a couple of free workouts from the LDNM website, I bought Bikini Guide V2 for £39.99. I was really skeptical about buying a program online, but the transformation pics were amazing and the service the boys offer seemed legit. For the price of one personal training session, I figured it was worth it, if I could get a few decent workouts from it, like those I’d tried on the website. After 14 weeks, I was much stronger, more toned and confident and felt motivated and full of energy.

What is it? A training and nutrition plan for women, that downloads to your phone/tablet/computer in a printable pdf file. The guide is a 14 week resistance training (free weights & machines) and cardio (HIIT & LISS) program; with a nutrition guide based on tracking macros.

Where is it used? The gym. This isn’t a home workout program, but if you want serious results, you’re not going to get them with a DVD & 2kg dumbells.

How often? The training is pretty intense compared to what most women are used to in the gym, but the results are a million times better. It’s laid out as if you’d hit the gym 5 times a week, sometimes for cardio in the morning and resistance training in the evening. The sessions are split into muscle groups, eg. legs & glutes, back & biceps etc, so I did two in one session when I knew it’d be a busy week at work. As long as you don’t try & double up the same muscle groupings, you can fit it into any schedule.

How easy is it?  There are photos of every exercise and blurb about how to do them. If you’ve not done any weight training at all before this, I would advise you get a PT/someone else that lifts to take you through everything, show you correct form and help you find a weight that is suitable for you to start on. LDNM also do a great Beginners Guide, which is currently *FREE*! As I said – the workouts are challenging, but you set the weight yourself to ensure you can always finish your sets and progress gradually. Once you get into it and start seeing results, it’s 100% worth the hard work.

photo 3

What about the diet?

The nutrition part of BGV2 is as comprehensive as you make it – It won’t tell you what to eat every single day for 14 weeks, but if you’re looking for this, then you need to be forking out for a PT and a private nutritionist. BGV2 shows you how to calculate your macronutrients for weight, size and body type and encourages a balanced diet with a lot of protein, good fats and mostly unrefined, low GI carbs.

Working out macros can be a headache at first, but if you’re really struggling there are some good macro calculators knocking around on the internet. I much preferred this to a prescribed meal plan as it helped me commit to the guide and manage my own nutrition which fits into my routine.  Example meals are given, supplement recommendations (although you don’t have to use them if you choose not to) and carbs are loaded around workouts to keep your energy levels up. The LDNM boys post tons of lush recipes to replace cakes, cookies etc with and they’re all crazy simple. The best thing about tracking macro’s is that nothing is ruled out – you can eat carbs & if you want a treat, you just build it in to your daily allowance.

photo 1(1)

What about supplements? Bikini guide recommends supplements such as protein (whey & casein), BCAA’s & Dextrose and Creatine. However, it also mentions none are compulsory and I only used a high quality whey/casein protein blend. I’ve upped my supps now I’m on the follow-on plan (Bikini Guide 10 week split) as I want to get every rep into the high volume workouts. Personally, I would have struggled to eat as much protein as I need without shakes, so unless you want to gulp chicken breasts & tuna at 9am, I’d at least get a whey/casein blend using the discount codes in the guide.

How good are the results? I was a size 8-10 before the guide and pretty happy with my body. I didn’t have any weight to lose, but wanted to ‘tone’ up and build muscle and strength. After finishing my 14 weeks, my lifestyle – the way I eat and train – has changed entirely. I feel much stronger, far more energetic and have confidence in what I’m doing in the gym. As a result, I’m nearly always motivated. Working out has become a positive habit rather than a chore and I know that my workouts will get me results.  I still have days where I go completely crazy on junk food, but it’s occasional rather than every other night. I make better nutritional choices now because I want to, rather than because I feel I should.

I’m thrilled with my results, but they’re less obvious than many of the amazing transformations on the LDNM website, as I was small anyway. I’m a hard gainer and although most people would consider it a good thing not to have weight fluctuations, it can be pretty demotivating when you’re trying to build muscle and your weight refuses to increase. With bikini guide, I’ve put on a good few pounds of muscle gradually and my body fat has dropped. Free weight training didn’t make me bulky or manly, it gave me toned curves in a steady, achievable way.

Have a look at the transformations for yourself and if you’re tempted, tweet the guys with any questions. Part of the LDNM package is that you’ll always get a fast answer and the #LDNMladies community is supportive, encouraging and motivating – without comparison or competition.


PicMonkey Collagephoto(8)


In a nutshell: I’ve never seen another program available online with all the benefits LDNM offer, they’re completely unique in their approach to natural, achievable results that get people hooked. The thing with LDNM is that if you follow their guides with effort and commitment, you will get results – it’s hard work, but it’s practically guaranteed; all for the price of one session with a PT.


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